Sediment Filters


Sediment (string) Filters

Known as sediment, string or particle filters these types of filters remove solid particulate from the water. Solid contaminants such as grit, sand and organic matter will always be encountered and can be seen with the naked eye. Contaminants in dilution can also be removed with this method and usually cannot be seen with the naked eye.

A string filter is a media filter made up of a woven string system which catches particles from 100 micron down to a mere 5 micron. A micron is the size or a particle and the lower the number (5 for instance) the smaller the particle. You will struggle to see anything smaller then 100 microns which is 0.1mm in size which is about the width of a person’s hair.

25 micron sediment filters are the most commonly used filter in a private water supply.

Not all particle filters are woven string, some can be a mesh gauze type which also varies in micron size.

You can also get activated carbon sediment filters which also remove bad tastes and colour from the water.

Sediment filters come in different sizes and can be found most commonly in domestic supplies at 10″ either in a standard size or in jumbo size.

For most commercial, industrial or domestic installations, the filter housings are 20″ and again in standard or jumbo sizes, these allow for greater water flow.

You should expect to change sediment filters between 3 – 6 months depending on how clear your water is.

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