Topline Boreholes can provide you with a complete water borehole cleaning service. You may find your water from your borehole has become very dirty, full of particles, clogged with iron oxide and other deposits or you may just feel it needs cleaning.
A dirty borehole will not get cleaner until it is professionally cleaned, if there are large deposits of iron in the borehole and surrounding area, bacteria will form creating thicker iron oxide deposits.
This is not good for your pump and all your other equipment the water passes through, this includes plastic pipes, it sticks to and will eventually clog all pipe work and filters.
It will render your ultra violet light filter useless and you will need to change your sediment filter cartridges quicker then you can order them. Bacteria forms everywhere there is water so if you feel you would like your borehole cleaned for your peace of mind please contact us.
Iron is a pumps worst enemy, We have so many new customer who come to us within a few years of their borehole being installed by another company. They complain that they have had to replace their borehole pump every 12 months. Changing a borehole pump every year is not the cheapest thing to do and is certainly not the idea of a private water supply, they are meant to save you money not run it dry.
Has your borehole become slower to refill or recharge with water? Then it certainly needs cleaning. All the options below will help speed up the replenishment of the borehole by cleaning and allowing the aquifer to flow freely into your borehole.


The most important consideration after the proper construction of your borehole should be an on going cleaning and maintenance practice to ensure that your borehole consistently gives you the same flow rate as from initial construction and a clean potable water supply. Depending upon the mineral content of the water yielded, this service becomes necessary between every one to two years & the water analysis report will determine this. This cost is considerably less than annual mains water bills and ensures that your borehole is kept in ‘tip top’ condition.

Pump Cleaning Service

If you have a clogged or badly silted up borehole pump why not let us clean it. We have a specislist pump bath, which will ensure all types of debris, particles, bacteria and corrosion from iron is removed in a safe and effortless way including the internal impellors. It does not take a day so we would need your pump for at least 7 days to soak in our speacilist cleaner.


If you have a bad taste or bad color in your water then do not hesitate to get in touch with us, even if it is for advice. We have successfully supplied and installed thousands of filtration systems of all shapes and sizes to ensure the water is safe for all sorts of uses. Instead of waiting for your borehole pump, water filters to fail or even to fail a water test contact us for a borehole cleaning and/or advice. Cleaning your borehole every year is cheaper than replacing or fixing a problem caused by the build up of sand, silt or grit. So do not delay contact Topline Boreholes today for an assessment.

There are also many types of filters, so no matter what might be contaminating your water, we can filter it. Iron is one of the biggest problems for a borehole so we are constantly installing completely automated iron filters.

Another common filter is the removal of sediment, we use a system which will filter almost 100% of it out of the water.