Our Borehole Repair Service is one of the reasons we lead the borehole industry in customer satisfaction. The next time you need borehole repair work contact us and our expert borehole repair technicians will have your water supply up and running in no time. Our technicians can service pumps of all makes and models in any commercial and residential application.


Borehole Repair Symptoms & Prevention

Clues Your Borehole May Need Repair!


No Water Pressure

Check your fuse box or circuit breakers to see if a power failure has occurred. If not, faulty switches, pumps, or corroded pipes are some of the most common issues.  Please contact us to help troubleshoot the situation.


Low Water Pressure

New filtration systems or clogged filtration are common reasons for low or no water pressure. Additional issues may include clogged screens, lowering water tables from overuse, a leak within the system, or the pump may be failing.


Sputtering Taps or Air in Water Lines

Pressure tanks, water pipes in the borehole, or broken offset line may all cause this behavior from your water supply. Contact us immediately to help troubleshoot.


Surging Water Pressure

This issue occurs most often when a pressure switch or pressure tank is defective or failing. It can also occur when a new pump or pressure tank has been installed that does not meet the requirements of your water pump system.


Smelly Water

Most often occurs from the presence of sulfur reducing bacteria in your water system. Contact us immediately for water testing to ensure there are no contaminants that may be hazardous to your health.


Staining or Residue on Sink & Bathroom Fixtures

Mineral stains and buildups are common in certain geological formations & indicates that iron or manganese is present in your water. If this is the case, please contact us, we will get the water analysed & install the necessary filtration.