We provide borehole drilling services to areas throughout Gauteng, Western Cape in South Africa & Mashonaland in Zimbabwe. Following initial discussion and site surveying, our modern drilling rigs, crewed by highly trained and experienced staff, can be mobilized at client’s requests. All our work encompasses a complete service from an initial consultation and survey to water abstraction and treatment.


Why choose us as your Borehole Drilling Contractors?

Over 29 years experience in the borehole industry
Proven track record of delivering on time & to budget
Highly trained staff
Our full private water supply management system handles it all for you


A little bit about our Borehole Drilling Equipment

Drilling at appropriate diameters (from 4 inch and up to 24 inches) for the quantity of water required or to client specifications, our drilling equipment is maintained to the highest standards to comply with Health and Safety legislation which helps in making the process of drilling efficient, minimising disruption and disturbance. Drilling depths of over 200 metres are easily and quickly achievable.
When drilling for water resources the experience of our drilling staff means that constant resource and volume assessment are possible throughout the process, resulting in appropriate depths being drilled to best meet client’s volume demands.
Rock strata are progressively assessed to form an accurate record of the borehole & to assess the rocks’ strengths, aiding in the selection of appropriate support casing configurations which in turn ensures longevity and high performance into the future.
The construction techniques employed by Topline Boreholes minimise the risk to the environment whilst controlling the drilling & the release of any water that is present in the rock.

What else do I need to know?

Once your borehole is drilled we will then come in and specify a system based on your requirements. More on your installation can be found on our Borehole Installations page.
We will design, specify, supply and install everything from pumps, tanks, filtration, water testing and all other features that might be required by you for your borehole.
Do not forget we can project manage the entire process so you get no stress, hassle and everything runs smoothly. We have many years experience in doing just that. It costs nothing for us to project manage the entire borehole project, it makes it a lot easier for us as we know what we need to give you the very best system.


Topline Boreholes have drilled for a variety of clients for many different purposes

  • Irrigation Boreholes
  • Industrial Boreholes
  • Domestic Boreholes
  • Agricultural Boreholes
  • Commercial Boreholes
  • Golf / Sports Irrigation Boreholes

We are water borehole drilling industry approved contractors. 

All our installations use only the best quality approved products and equipment. 

If you require any additional information please contact us.


Topline Borehole & Irrigation are proud Members of

The Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa.