Water Tanks


Depending on your application there are many different types of water storage tanks available for your system.

Water tanks are available in sizes ranging from a few hundred litres to several hundred thousand litres and as with the Poly water pipe in different grades depending on the usage of the water.

Special tanks are available for potable water – i.e. drinking water and other types manufactured from different grade materials for non drinking water. It is important to consider that tanks made from materials which are not suitable for drinking water may not only taint the water and give it an unpleasant taste but may also allow chemicals in the fabric of the tank to leach into it which may compromise health. Tank selection therefore based on ultimate usage is an important consideration and if you require any advice on this please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tanks can be situated above or below ground depending on your needs and are often easy to handle even up to several thousand litre sizes in size (empty). Consideration should be given to frost. If the water is going to be used enough (please contact us with your usage) then you should not need to worry about freezing but it does pay to try and avoid it. The volume of water in most tanks would take an extremely long time to freeze especially if you are using the water on a daily basis.

If however you only use the tank water once per week then consideration must be given to protect from frost. Under trees, in a building or structure is a great start. You can also get double lined tanks to avoid freezing altogether.

Below are some examples of different tank types.


Potable Water Storage Tanks

The potable water tank is manufactured from tough plastics and despite its large size is easy to manoeuvre when empty. This type of tank is also available in many sizes up to 20,000 litres.

Tanks of this type are usually and should be checked to ensure they are UV stabilised and should be SABS approve if the water is to be used for drinking

It may be sited above or below ground. Potable tanks are made from higher grade materials suitable for storing drinking water.

Underground tanks have extra ribbed sides to ensure a stronger shell.


Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

The average SA household uses around 150 litres per day, per person.

This is a very approximate average some people prefer baths to showers and some homes use older style toilets with uneconomical cistern flushing.

Usage of washing machines and dish washers etc also influence this average. 30% of our daily water use is used in flushing toilets so if you could use rainwater to just flush the toilets it is a worth while investment.

Not only could a grey water system help flush toilets, its great to water the garden.


Plastic Commercial Tanks

Most of these are automatically potable because they share the same manufacturing processes as the potable tanks and many are actually SABS approved. We have installed many of these in the larger sizes to help irrigate farms, vine yards, shopping centres, football pitches and training grounds.


Galvanised steel commercial tanks

Very large corrugated steel structures capable of holding 180,000 litres (about 40,000 gallons.) This type of tank is available down to a mere 45,000 litres (about 10,000 gallons).

If you own or manage a small farm, orchard, vineyard or any one of a host of other agricultural uses, a large storage tank of this type would be very necessary.