Borehole Maintenance


Save Yourself Time & Money
Hassle-Free Borehole Maintenance Inspections!


Whether you are a commercial or residential borehole owner, an interruption in your water supply is often more than just an inconvenience, it’s expensive. Our hassle free maintenance inspections are designed to save you thousands of rands & prevent untimely interruptions in your water supply. Our expert borehole technicians will help you prevent small repairs from becoming big costs – contact us today to find out more!


How Often Do I Need to Get my Borehole Checked?


We recommend once a year but if you observe any of the following warning signs call us immediately to service your borehole:

– Funny Taste or Odour
– Cloudy Water
– Low or Surging Water Pressure
– Pump Constantly Turning On and Off


What’s Involved In Borehole Maintenance?

Above Ground Borehole Inspection

When our expert borehole technicians perform an annual maintenance inspection we start above ground and check:

Borehole Cap – Condition of the cap and seals indicates whether any contaminants may have entered through the borehole opening.

Water Odour – Any unusual odours or smells coming from the borehole indicates potential water supply contamination issues.

Electrical Wiring – A visual check determines whether the caps are secure and the wires have no frays.

Casing – Checking the casing to verify there is no visible damage or corrosion.

Concrete Pad – Certain properties and borehole types require a concrete pad surrounding the borehole casing to prevent sinking and seepage.


Borehole Equipment Inspection

Our expert water borehole technicians then inspect every part of your borehole system.

Water Pipe & Wiring – Pulling the drop pipe allows us to ensure the pipe has no corrosion or damage, the couplings are tight, and the wiring has no frays.

Water Pump – Testing the water pump motor gives an idea of how much longer the pump will last.

Electrical Control Box – Verify connections are in place and no wires have been frayed or cut.

Pressure Tanks & Gauges – Examine functionality of pressure tank and the accuracy of pressure gauges.


Water Flow Testing

We then perform flow testing on your borehole:

Water Flow Testing – Flow testing ensures the borehole is able to meet your requirements and is most common during new borehole installations, real estate sales inspections, or when new additions to a home require more water. For example, jacuzzis, irrigation systems would all place a higher demand on your borehole.

Water Quality Testing

Whether your water borehole is for commercial or residential use, we strongly advise water quality testing once a year. This service is optional & is offered to you during our maintenance check.


Keep You & Your Family Members Safe

For home or business owners, dealing with an unexpected water supply issue can be dangerous, expensive & frustrating experience, but routine water well maintenance is a great way to:
– Protect users from Contaminated Water
– Prevent Unexpected Water Shortages
– Avoid Costly Repairs and Replacements