With a Topline Borehole & Irrigation, installed automatic sprinkler system, you will save water, save time, and save yourself the hassle. You will also achieve long-term savings while enjoying greener and healthier landscapes.


  • No more dragging the garden hose around or forgetting
    to turn it off just enjoy your time outside
  • Efficiently and effectively water your landscape
  • Watering at the best time, like early in morning when
    wind and evaporation are low
  • Watering on schedule that continues even when you’re on vacation
  • Keeping your lawn healthy & green throughout the summer
  • No more dry spots
  • Protecting your landscape from extreme weather conditions
  • Adding value to the investment you’ve made in your property


Topline Borehole & Irrigation offers numerous types of sprinkler systems from small residential to large commercial sizes. Our professional staff will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right system for your property. Our staff members are radio dispatched for faster service. Not only do we keep our appointments, we are always on time. We also offer a “Full-Service Maintenance Package” that you can count on us to stand behind our work.

System Design & Installation

Our designs are prepared by a Certified Irrigation Designer to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of your system. 

Our installation crew uses the highest quality equipment to install your irrigation system, quickly and effectively. Our method of installation causes little or no damage to the existing sod, being much more convenient than the traditional trenching method used by other companies.