Iron & Metal Removal Filters


Removal Of Iron, Manganese & Other Metals From Water


The presence of high levels of metals in your water can cause numerous problems both in terms of health and equipment. Iron for example can in high quantities give the water an unpleasant metal taste, odour & colour. It will also stain anything it comes into contact with and can have damaging effects to all heating systems and pipe work.
Iron & Manganese removal is sometimes a must when it comes to a positive Iron or Manganese water test result especially when the water is going to be consumed. This is easily done with a filter set inline of your water supply. The systems are usually automated & require little maintenance.
The media inside these filters is dependant on your water results. They work by allowing long contact times between the contaminated water and the specific media within the filter vessel.

The filter automatically backwashes (cleans) itself & disposes of the iron or other contaminants and a small amount of water so you are left with spotlessly clean drinkable water.

If you require any advice regarding these filters please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The media inside these filters should be changed between 1 – 5 years depending on the manufacturer.

If you require new media, spares or would like us to carry out maintenance / servicing of your water system then please get in touch with us.